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Quality Warranty
This quality promise is just subject to all kinds of gasoline-chain-saw made by Zhejiang Titan Machinery Co., Ltd(ab Titan), under the scope of the prime components (see the attached Appendix).
1.1year for DIY European and USA customers;
2.One week on the sold date for professional industrial purpose.
1.In the period of validity, Titan will offer the costing price to maintain if the rate is within 5% per lot due to the prime components damaged.
2. In the period of validity, Titan will accept to return or exchange the damaged goods if the rate is more than 5% due to the prime components damaged.
3. For the calculation of the rate, if there are more than one main parts damaged in one set, it is regarded one.
It will be free of responsibility if it is not processed per the specification.
Appendix: (the prime components)
crankshaft components, piston, piston ring, all kinds of bearing, bearing ring, cylinder, crankshaft case, carburetor, flywheel, oil pump, clutch assembly.

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