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Zhejiang Titan Machinery Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and marketing of outdoor garden power tools, such as Gasoline Chain Saw, Brush Cutter, Hedge Trimmer, Multifunctional Cutter, Earth Auger, etc. We have been desig-ning and producing the most popular models all the time.

Titan is located in Gangtou Industiral Zone, Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province. Thanks to the regional and industrial advantages in China's hardware capital, Titan is currently undergoing a very rapid growth. The factory covers more than 30,000 m2 and employs more than 100 workers. Titan has gained products Certificates CE, GS, EUⅡand pa-ssed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management approval in 2009.

Titan controls products quality starting from the choice of spare parts. All procedure including parts incoming stock, line feeding production, inspection and packing strictly conform to the standard ISO9000 to ensure the stability, re-liability and consistency of the products quality. Therefore, Titan supplies the most sellable and competitive produ-cts to meet every client's needs and enjoy good reputation among old and new customers.

Welcome your cooperation anytime. Titan is willing to share the bright future with you. 



Quality Warranty
This quality promise is just subject to all kinds of gasoline-chain-saw made by Zhejiang Titan Machinery Co., Ltd(ab Titan), under the scope of the prime components (see the attached Appendix).
year for DIY European and USA customers;
2.One week on the sold date for professional industrial purpose.
1.In the period of validity, Titan will offer the costing price to maintain if the rate is within 5% per lot due to the prime components damaged.
2. In the period of validity, Titan will accept to return or exchange the damaged goods if the rate is more than 5% due to the prime components damaged.
3. For the calculation of the rate, if there are more than one main parts damaged in one set, it is regarded one.
It will be free of responsibility if it is not processed per the specification.
Appendix: (the prime components)
crankshaft components, piston, piston ring, all kinds of bearing, bearing ring, cylinder, crankshaft case, carburetor, flywheel, oil pump, clutch assembly.


Core products - Petrol Chain Saw
Titan has built the complete production lines of chain saws and brush cutters, and based on its advanced technical and equipments and continuously improved production process, our company can supply high quality products to all users. From the material in-storage to semi-finished products to finished products, our QA engineers control and guarantee the products strictly, which ensures the quality of every product.
At the same time, our company is engaged in the innovation of our products and getting close to the world class level. So that we can develop the competition level of our products in the market and meet the various needs of the customers.

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